About Me

SmilingChronic kidney disease has opened a sad new chapter in my life.

I am a 73-year-old otherwise healthy man in desperate need of a kidney. I am retired from a long legal career but will always love the law. I paint, play chess, and read and write poetry. I follow my sports teams with unbounded devotion. I am an avid reader of literature and history, especially the American Revolution and the Civil War. I am passionate about Shakespeare, in particular Hamlet, Macbeth, and the Sonnets. When it comes to fiction, I favor writers such as Hemingway, Steinbeck, Capote, and Mailer. Psychology and Dr. Freud fascinate me. I am enthusiastic about politics and political philosophy.

Prior to my health problems, I was a dedicated runner for decades; I miss running a great deal and still have nostalgic dreams about it. I am a Pilates fanatic. I am renowned for my “spectacular” steak BBQs and the “famous” parties we have built around them. In pre-Covid times, my wife Ellen and I enjoyed travel and often attended the theater, ballet, and opera. We visited museums frequently.


“The thought of losing all of this leaves me devastated.”

We have a loving marriage. I am proud of my two sons, whom I affectionately call “Null and Void.” I have a wonderful stepdaughter, her husband, and three spectacular step-granddaughters. I cherish my family and friends. I have been devoted to philanthropic causes throughout my life.

The thought of losing all of this leaves me devastated.

During the past year, my kidney performance has declined dramatically, significantly jeopardizing my chances of surviving without a timely transplant. I am facing the prospect of dying prematurely. It is shattering. I am staring down an abyss and I am scared.

It is very much outside of my comfort zone to ask for help but help is what I need. Can you please help? Thank you.

My contact e-mail is: saveafriendinneed@gmail.com